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The Law Office of Ross & Lane provides a full array of family law services.

While this area of law encompasses a broad range of matters, it primarily includes divorce litigation, child custody resolution, child support concerns, and paternity establishment. Of course this is not an exclusive list, and family law needs will vary greatly depending upon the people and issues involved.

It is important to understand that every family law case is different, and while a friend or relative may have reached one resolution, the facts and circumstances of your case will likely vary from what you have heard from others. For this reason, it is important to speak with an attorney skilled in family law matters if you are facing an issue that concerns the family, especially if children are involved.

Moreover, retaining an attorney knowledgeable in the local court system is important. Granted, the law across the State of Texas is theoretically the same from court to court. However, the implementation of that law can vary greatly from one court to another. Also, an attorney that understands how a particular judge views a given topic can be critical when it comes to how smoothly you navigate the family court system in that particular jurisdiction.

If you are in need of an Ellis County divorce or family law attorney we invite you to contact the Law office of Ross & Lane to learn more about how we can help. We service all of Ellis County, including Waxahachie, Midlothian, Ovilla, Red Oak, Italy, Ennis, and Ferris.

Family Law Services Overview:

Below you will find a brief overview of the most common types of cases and issues involved in family law. For further information, please click the "contact us" tab at the bottom of each area displayed.

Ellis County Divorce Lawyer


Divorce can be an emotional process that impacts not only the adults involved, but also the children. At times the process may feel overwhelming, and given all that is involved, it is imperative that you have an experienced family law attorney by your side. We can also assist with Agreed Divorces.

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Ellis County Child Custody Lawyer

Child Custody

The issue of child custody is extremely critical to the well being of the child. You will hear the phrase “best interest of the child” often during the process. Many factors are involved in child custody, and we can advocate your views on what is in the best interest for your child.

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Ellis County Child Visitation Lawyer

Child Visitation

Texas law provides for standard visitation. However, there are times when standard visitation is not appropriate. If there is a history of abuse, or you suspect neglect may be occurring during visits, then the unsupervised standard model may not be appropriate.

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Ellis County Child Support Lawyer

Child Support

While most parents want the needs of a child to be met, disagreements can occur over exactly what constitutes a “need” or someone’s fair share. Determining the proper amount of child support obligation is a key factor your family law attorney will assist you in calculating.

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Ellis County Post-Divorce and Modification Lawyer

Post-Divorce Modifications

What worked yesterday may not work today. Even after a divorce has become finalized there may be matters that need adjustment, such as child custody, visitation, and support payments. If you believe a modification is in order we can assist you in requesting the court alter your original agreement.

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Ellis County Family Law Court Order Enforcement Lawyer

Enforcement of Court Orders

Sometimes people do not follow through with their promises. Failed promises can have a varying impact on one’s life; however, when a broken promise impacts a child or financial situation then it’s normally time to take action. When this occurs in family law, the court may need to become involved and we can assist.

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Ellis County Paternity Lawyer


Issues of paternity need to be addressed as early as possible, especially before signing any documents. With advancements in DNA testing, paternity can normally be easily established. We encourage you to contact us if you believe there is an issue involving paternity of a child.

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Ellis County Mediation Lawyer


Mediation is a method often used during the divorce process to help resolve contested issues. It involves communication and compromise in an effort to reach agreement. Common matters discussed during mediation involve property division, child custody, support and visitation.

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Ellis County Adoption Lawyer


Adopting a child into your family can bring immeasurable joy to your life. Whether you are a couple attempting to adopt your first child or a stepparent seeking to adopt your spouse’s child from a previous marriage, the Law Office of Ross & Lane can help facilitate the adoption.

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We service all of Ellis County, including Waxahachie, Midlothian, Ovilla, Red Oak, Italy, Ennis, and Ferris.